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The Canadian Baptist overseas Mission with having headquarters in Oriento (CANADA) arrived in coastal Andhra in early 19th century and propagated the bible teaching and God Head of Jesus Christ. A part from missionary activities they started schools and hospitals to provide basic education to the poor people and health facilities to the larger extent of the people who are mostly downtrodden and economically and socially neglected people in the traditional society.

These missionary services were intensified and concentrated their activities and made COCANADA as Head quarters. From COCANADA head quarters itself they administered the missionary activities throughout coastal Andhra. Being COCONADA as a head quarters to the Canadian Baptist Mission they started a high school in 1874 which is exclusively for girls. This is a revolutionary step taken by the missionary and targeted to impart girls education. This initiation had very good impact and phenomenal change in the society. They promoted educational institutions in all over coastal Andhra, they are not merely confined to missionary activities but they contributed much to the educational development and provided health facilities to the downtrodden and neglected people in the traditional society. They played very significant role in the social development of coastal Andhra.

The Canadian Baptist overseas mission served the people of coastal Andhra up to 1947, after India became independent the foreign missionary people were went to their native countries. Before departing to their home land, the Canadian Baptist missionary has handed over the missionary activities to the Indian Missionary activist and further for better administration and they envisaged a charter for administer the mission. Consequently they started a society named as CBCNC ("THE CONVENTION OF THE BAPTIST CHURCHES OF NORTHERN CIRCARS") in the year of 1948-49 and a society also been registered at District Registrar office, KAKINADA as register number 16/1948-49. And the Kakinada is the Head quarters of the CBCNC (Harry’s Bangla, CBM Compound, Kakinada.) for all practical purpose and it is administrative Head quarters of the society. Since then the Indian contingent people has taken the administration of CBCNC and continued their activities.

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