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Growwell Scientific & Surgicals is engaged for Supplying of Scientific Laboratory Equipments for Educational Institutions, Pesticide & Fertilizer factories, Tobacco Research Institute, Solvent Oil Extraction Industries, Iron, Steel and casting Industries, Pharmaceutical & Bulk drug Units, Sugar, Destillery and Paper Mills, Power Plants and all type of Research and Development centers.
BH.S.R.Sarma Started the foundation of Growwell Scientific & Surgicals in 1989. We are in this line since more than 20 years and all our products are guaranteed for trouble free services. Over the years the reputation of this company is built upon its quality, sales and services. We commit to maintain the quality of the products by using modern techniques, thereby ensuring profitable return to our clients. With our product range, we provide all the essential documents like installation details, operational details, performance qualification, design specifications etc., as these are mandatory for several industries.
BH.S.R.Sarma has taken control over the management of Growwell Scientific & Surgicals. We promise to keep up to the reputation and deliver ever better products and services to our client’s complete satisfaction. We are having a good dealer network throughout India & some of our clients are among the fortune 500 companies of India.

We would like to inform you that we are Authorised Distributors/Stockists for the following brands:

Merck Millipore :Lab. Chemicals, Glasswares, Filter Papers, Weighing Balances, Liquid Handling Products, Life science Research products, Chromatography Products, Test Kits on Water and waste water, Dehydrated Culture Media, Electro Chemical and Analytical Instruments and GeNei Products, Biochemicals from Merck KGaA-Germany, Molecular Biology Reagents from OmniPur, Biochemicals from Calbiochem etc.,

Qualigens Fine Chemicals : (Under thermo Fisher)Lab. Chemicals, Glasswares, Filter Papers, Liquid Handling Products, ACROS Product Range, Test Kits on Water and waste water and etc.,

HiMedia Labs : Dehydrated Culture Media, Media Supplements, Chemicals, Glasswares, Plastic wares, BDH Chemicals, Filter Papers, Liquid Handling Products and etc.,

M/S. Chemtech International Of Chemetrics - USA
We are the Distributors in India Complete analisys of water Test Kits, Photometers, Testers, D.O.Meters etc.,

SRL (Sisco Research Laboratories) :Lab. Chemicals, Liquid Handling Products, Instruments etc.,

Vensil Glass : Laboratory and Industrial Glass Wares.

Tarsons : Complete Range of Plastic Ware products, Liquid Handling Products etc.,

Systronics : Complete Range of Analytical and Test and Measuring Instruments etc.,

Equip-tronics : Complete range of Analytical Electronic and Lab Instrumentation like DIGITAL Spectro Photo Meters, Polari Meters, PH Meters, Conductivity Meters, Potentio Meters, Colari Meters, Flame Photo Meters etc.,

Genaxy : Electro Phoresis, Teaching Kits, Micro Centrifuges, Freezers etc.,

Olympus & Magnus : All types of Micro Scopes and Micro Photographic Equipment etc.,

Dollar : All types of Micro Scopes, Physics Apparatus etc.,

Bio-Visual : All types of CHARTS for Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Engineering, Mechanical, Physical Science etc.,

Polar Blue Star : Micro Slides, Cover Glasses, Blood Grouping Slides and Cavity Slides etc.,

However we can also supply the Products....
1) All the Indian and Imported Chemicals from the Reputed Brands like SIGMA, ALDRICH Group. (Sigma, Aldrich, Fluka, Riedel), (Accustandard Analytical Standards), Dr. Ehrenstopher (Analytical Standards) etc.,
2) Various types of Analytical, Top Loading and Single Pan Balances from the Reputed Brands like KEROY, DHONA, SHIMADZU-JAPAN, METTLER-SWISS, DENVER-GERMANY, PRECISA-SWISS, AFCOSET-JAPAN, LOVIBOND-UK Tintometers, Color Discs etc.,
3) Various types of Test & Measuring Instruments like PH System, Spectrophotometers, Conductivity Meters, Potentiometers, Polarimeters, Flame Photometers, D.O.Meters, K.F.Titrators, Laminar Air Flow Systems etc,. From the Reputed Brands like EQUIP-TRONICS, SYSTRONICS, ELICO, CHEMITO, SHIMADZU-JAPAN, Thermofisher-USA, VEEGO, KLENZAIDS  and Dräger Detector Tubes for Oil Measurement etc.,
4) Various types of Microscopes (Monacular, Binocular, and Trinocular, Zoom stereo) and Microphotographic Equipments etc,. From Reputed Brands like OLYMPUS, DOLLAR, WESWOX, GETNER-SIPCON, NIKON-JAPAN etc.,
5) And Other Laboratory Equipments of Lab. Ovens, Incubators, Muffle Furnaces, Hot Plates, Heating Mantles, Water Baths, Water Stills, Environmental Chambers, B.O.D.Incubators, Deep Freezers etc,. From the Reputed Brands like REMI, TEMPO, NSW, CINTEX etc.,

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